RTWT Late Night Thoughts about Women In New York Are Getting Arrested For Carrying Condoms

15 Mar

March 14, 2012

Women In New York Are Getting Arrested For Carrying Condoms

All right, I always try to dig a little deeper when I read these articles or see these controversial headings and obviously this is one of them. If a woman wearing a really short skirt and carrying condoms is evidence of prostitution then almost every white girl/woman I see is going to be arrested. Yes I brought race in it. I did bring race in it. Because to be honest as a person living in the NY/NJ area, it is predominantly white girls/women wearing short skirts/dresses that I see late at night. When it is 3am and I am on the path coming home or even when I lived in the city, that is what I saw. So if that’s all it takes to be labeled a prostitutes well there ya go that is A, and B every short skirt/dress every  wearing woman should be insulted by this. I mean essentially what they are saying is hey you know know what this reminds me of…if you wear a short skirt/dress you are asking to be raped well if you wear a short skirt/dress and carry condoms you are asking to be arrested for being a prostitute. At which point can a woman wear anything she damn well please.I suppose what they are saying is, you can’t. You cannot. It is not in the cards for you. So sorry dear. That is not your reality. We will not allow you to wear short skirts/dress without repercussions. You will either be raped by some crazy maniac who says you are giving all the signs that you “want it”  or you will be arrested by some crazy maniac cop who says you are giving all the the signs you are a whore. How do you win? How do you win? You wear a  Burka that’s how you win. You cover yourself from head to toe but guess what they don’t win either. The Burka wearing women don’t win either because you know what their religion like most (who am I kidding ALL ) are not keen on women saying NO. So when can we say NO? This is the United States. The U S of A. This  is supposedly democracy at its best quote unquote. NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT. This is not democracy at it’s best as a matter of fact I think I would rather the extreme NO. I would rather, ok women you can’t were anything above the knee or below the collarbone because you are giving mixed signals.You know who is “asking for it”?  the law…the law on women that’s who is asking for it. They are asking for it. They are asking for something.If I wear a skirt/dress too short I am a whore, if I wear my Burka you want me to take it off because I may be a terrorist. What can I wear?   Isn’t this the free world quote unquote? It can’t be the free world. It cannot be the free world.When you try to accommodate everyone you’ve got a problem. You cannot try to please everyone. America tries to please everyone or pretends it pleases everyone but it really doesn’t please everyone. And I am not ragging on the U  S of A I am an immigrant and I love this country I do I do I do it works for ME. But I don’t like inconsistencies with inconsistencies there is a problem. I don’t like it. You can’t please everyone so you better make a decision on who you are going to please and it’s really that simple. So though America would like to think it is “free” it is not. It’s not and this is just another profiling. You’ve got racial profiling and now gender profiling. Actually I don’t really know what kind of profiling this is. So if I am meeting my man and I want to look good and sexy I have to what? Wear a skirt below my knee? Oh yeah SEXY. Because isn’t sexy about SKIN and isn’t the more skin you show SEXY? So at which point can a woman be sexy? and don’t men want sexy? I  don’t know…well the law doesn’t want sexy so curb it. P.S . please women who believe that sexy does not have to equal showing skin DO NOT write me. This is not about you.


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