Michael Baisden Remains Locked Out of Studio: “Those are Re-runs You’re Listening to”

25 Mar


baisden11Michael Baisden once stood as one of the kings of radio.  But he has moved onto another chapter of his life after negotiations broke down between himself and Cumulus Broadcasting.  The network has locked Baisden out of the studio and has decided to grant his wish that he leave the air.  Baisden had originally believed that he would have a few days to bid farewell to his listeners, but the network wasn’t having it.

This week, Baisden told his readers on his Facebook fan page that he really isn’t the man they are listening to on the radio today.

“You’re listening to Re-Runs, The Michael Baisden Show Staff has been denied access to the Studios. The show will officially end Friday March 29th,” he said.

Baisden’s show was aired in 78 markets with an estimated eight million listeners each day.  His public career began when he left his job driving trains in Chicago to sell books out of the trunk of his car.  His career in radio began when he worked as an upaid host on 98.7 KISS-FM in New York.


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