Best Languages To Learn For Your New Career

08 Apr

Want to broaden your horizons? Consider these languages.

Social media may have made it possible to communicate with anybody at any given time, but you will need more than English to get by in the world.

Here is a breakdown of the languages you need to learn if you plan on taking your life international.

Spoken by 845 Million

It’s commonly called “Chinese,” but more specifically if you want to get ahead in the world you should look at learning Business Mandarin. It’s mainly spoken in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and is the tongue you want to know if you plan on doing business in Hong Kong. If you are in fields like banking and accounting, Mandarin will get you in doors that speaking only English cannot.

Spoken by 74 Million

French is an official language in 27 nations spanning the globe, including Canada. It is also spoken widely throughout Africa, especially in emerging trade markets like Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Learning French virtually guarantees you a job: a translator or tourist assistant, for example. French is also the official language in Switzerland, which currently boasts the world’s highest employment rate.

Spoken by 280 Million

Countries where people speak Arabic are starting to be become the favorite hangout spot for the rich. With the Arabic population in America growing and the Department of Defense’s infatuation with the region, translators are being sought in greater numbers. On a global level, Arabic is an in-demand language in the financial and media industries.

Spoken by 387 Million

That job you almost got might have been yours if you were a little more fluent in Spanish. Many American companies are creating departments to communicate directly with Spanish-speaking people. The language is especially valuable in the Americas and in Europe.

Spoken by 127 Million

Learning the language is actually just half the battle if you are looking to do work or business in Japan or with Japanese people. Much of their communication is based on culture and demeanor. Protocol is very high on their list.

-Maurice Garland



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