Department of Education announces that 20 new schools will open in the Bronx next fall

11 Apr

New high schools will prepare students for careers in health or software engineering


 Samuel Gompers High School, where new HERO high school will be located.


Samuel Gompers High School, where new HERO high school will be located.

Bronx high schoolers can prepare for careers in health care and software design at two new schools set to open in September.

When pulpils attending the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE) or the Health, Education and Research Occupations (HERO) High School graduate, they can transition directly into careers or college, according to city education officals.

“It’s really just an incredible opportunity for students,” Kristin Cahill, the proposed principal of the 650-student HERO High School said. “We will offer a very safe, supportive and inclusive environment.”

The two high schools are among 20 new schools scheduled to open in the borough next school year – including the Highbridge Green School, which is environmentally friendly.

In total, 78 new schools will open citywide in September.

At the software academy, located at the Grace Dodge High School campus near Fordham University, students will learn programming languages like Java and C++, mobile app development for smart phones and web design.

Ben Grossman, proposed principal for the BASE high school in Belmont, said the high school will enable graduates to excel in the computer science, programming and software engineering industries.

“We are very much building a program to reflect the new, knowledge-based economy,” Grossman said. “Students will be studying computer science from their first day of high school, all the way to their senior year.”

At HERO High, students can obtain their associates degree at the school, for free, Cahill said. They’ll have access to all of the facilities at Hostos Community College, HERO’s partner school, and have opportunities for work experience at Montefiore Medical Center.

When they graduate, HERO students can obtain employment as registered nurses or community health workers. Cahill noted registered nurses can draw beginning salaries of $68,000 a year.

Cahill said her vision for the 650-student school, located on the Samuel Gompers Campus, is a place that will give students the skills they need for well paying, sought-after careers while closing the achievement and income inequality gap.

“In order to fill these jobs, we need to prepare students,” Cahill said. “Students need those academic skills and technical training.”


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