7 Delicious Ways To Make Water Work For You

09 May



What are some easy, and delicious, ways to drink more water? If you’re like a lot of people, you’re not crazy about it. Fortunately, you can jazz up the taste with a few simple tweaks. You can even sneak in some vitamins, too!

1. Add slices of lemon every day for a quick and easy detox

2. Get creative with ice for added flavor

3. Add all-natural fruit juice (without added sugar) to water for vitamins and antioxidants

4. Try crushing fresh fruit into your water for a refreshing treat (and for fiber)

5. Drink more tea for its antioxidants, detox and relaxation benefits.

6. Eat more soup for vitamins, fiber, protein…and weight loss

7. Bubbles in your water can add essential minerals


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