Chinese company to develop 30,000 affordable housing units in Jamaica

14 Jan


Approximately 30,000 affordable housing units are to be constructed across the island while creating employment for approximately 1,500 skilled and unskilled Jamaicans over the next five to six years.

The housing venture is to be undertaken by Chinese company Gao Zhen Real Estate & Development Co Ltd (Gao Zhen) in partnership with the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ).

Wuyuan Shen, CEO of Gao Zhen, said the programme will not only provide low-income, high-quality housing solutions but will also create sustainable employment.

“This partnership is critical to HAJ and Jamaica at this time, as Gao Zhen’s beliefs are aligned with the commitment of the Government to lower the cost of housing, realising savings for prospective homeowners,” Shen said.

Falmouth hospital gets major injection

Telecommunications provider LIME has been selected by the Ministry of Health to be the provider of a new telecommunications solution at the Falmouth Regional Hospital.

LIME will supply, install and commission a state-of-the-art PBX system, which Dr Ken-Garfield Douglas, regional director of the Western Regional Health Authority, said will significantly improve the way medical and administrative staff at the institution carry out their functions.

“The system will provide the public with greater opportunity to reach the hospital to enquire about its services and seek other important information. It will also provide a system of internal communication that we do not presently have,” Douglas said.

PAJ vows to resist restriction on Supreme Court coverage

The Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) said yesterday that it will strongly resist any attempt to restrict the media from covering matters in the Supreme Court.

The statement comes against the background of the Police High Command on the weekend threatening to take action against journalists covering the unnamed trial.

The police had said they have serious concerns about the manner in which elements of media – particularly one radio station – are reporting on the case.

Yesterday, the PAJ boasted that Jamaica’s high ranking in the World Press Freedom report is partly to be credited with the fact that State actors allow members of the media to report freely and without restrictions.

At the same time, the press body said it would not comment on the claims of inaccurate reporting but remind members of the code of conduct, which has accuracy as one of the tenets.

The association said bad reportage and errors cause the public to lose confidence in the output of the traditional media.

Medical Council on watch

The Medical Council of Jamaica has welcomed steps by the health ministry to address concerns regarding the safety of medical personnel at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

According to chairman of the council, Dr John Hall, the reported attacks by unscrupulous persons on nurses at the KPH raise serious concerns and cannot be tolerated.

“In order to effectively deliver health care to those in need, it is imperative that medical personnel be assured of their own safety in carrying out their duties,” argued Hall.

He said the council has taken note of the recent reports as well as previous reports of nurses and doctors being robbed on the compound and in the vicinity of the KPH.

“In this regard,” said Hall, “the council will be monitoring the situation, and eagerly await the finalisation of security measures for medical personnel at the KPH.


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