Please welcome ridesharing to New York City and remove barriers to transportation innovation

17 Jul
Please welcome ridesharing to New York City and remove barriers to transportation innovation
  • Petitioning New York City Council
    1. Vea Cayaba-Wong
    2. Petition by

      Vea Cayaba-Wong

      New York, NY

As a world-class city, we need world-class transportation that is safe, friendly, affordable and that embraces technology. Please join Christopher Prozeller from Brooklyn, Vea Cayaba-Wong from Queens, Lisa White from the Bronx, Marcus Jackson from Manhattan, and Magdalena Ratel from Staten Island in support of ridesharing. Sign this petition to ask New York City to support Lyft in each of the five boroughs!

Despite a world-renowned public transit system and other existing transportation services, people in New York City still lack sufficient options for safe, friendly, affordable rides between boroughs. While we have the largest bike share program and 772 miles of subway line, we must continue to build on this momentum to create an infrastructure that meets the needs of current and future residents of New York. We can leverage technology to accelerate our advancement as a city and provide outstanding consumer choices in transportation.

Here are our stories. What’s yours? Sign the petition and add your story!

“I have lived all over New York City, but have spent 7 years in my favorite borough, Brooklyn. Brooklyn has a fabulous subway system that quickly gets me in and out of Manhattan. However, when I am traveling between Brooklyn and any other borough it can be quite challenging and require numerous transfers and long commute times. This often means I forgo visiting friends in Queens or Staten Island to avoid the transportation hassle. In outer Brooklyn it can also be a challenge getting a cab to get me to a subway stop. We need transportation modes like Lyft in Brooklyn.”  – Chris Prozeller

“If Queens was its own city, it would be the fifth largest city in the country and it’s the largest geographical area of the five boroughs. Queens is also he most ethnically diverse area in the world! However, even with all of Queens’ benefits, transportation can still be difficult. We do have subway lines, but there are lots of neighborhoods that aren’t that close to a subway stop, and require lots of walking at night, in the cold, or through rougher neighborhoods. Having an affordable option like Lyft to get between neighborhoods, and to experience all the amazing things Queens has to offer would be a great addition to our transportation options!”  -Vea Cayaba-Wong

“I was born, raised and still reside in the Bronx. The Bronx is an amazingly diverse borough with so much to offer its residents. However, if you don’t live near a subway line it can also be a challenging place to get around. Cabs rarely come to the outer edges of the Bronx and walking long distances to the subway can be treacherous. I would love to see something like Lyft in my area.  It would give me and my neighbors more safe and reliable ways to get around my borough. Please bring Lyft to the Bronx.”  -Lisa White

Manhattan is amazing and dynamic! It is the most densely populated of NYC’s five boroughs and one of the more densely populated places in the world. And, although we are known for our subway system and yellow cabs, transportation can still be a challenge at times. When it’s raining, snowing or on a hot and humid day finding a ride can be difficult. I think Lyft would be a great addition to NYC’s uniquely comprehensive transportation options and provide an affordable, fun, and safe way to get around the city. Please give Lyft a chance in Manhattan!” – Marcus Jackson

“I’ve lived on Staten Island for 10 years. We have one train line and a ferry that transports Islanders to and from Manhattan. Cabs are few and far between.  We need other modes of affordable transportation that can get us around the island, or home from Manhattan when the ferry is running scarcely. I would love to see Lyft become a part of Staten Island’s transportation options.”  -Magdalena Ratel

Other parts of the country have embraced ridesharing. Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. are already benefitting from this safe, affordable mode of transportation. Ridesharing helps to combat drunk driving reduce road congestion, and make a positive impact on the environment while improving public safety for our community.

Please support ridesharing in New York City! Now is the time to prove we are world-class by supporting and encouraging innovation.


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