About Read Think Write Teach

The title of my blog comes from a saying “To learn, read. To know, write. To master, teach.” I, however, believed that “To understand, think” was missing. I find myself sharing many articles about facts, figures, myths, and thoughts about African American life in the U.S. and life in the African Diaspora. There are many people who have unwavering opinions about those of the African Diaspora, but those opinions can be uninformed. It is important to know all sides. We live in a transnational society, a multi-class society. A trans-national society. We must have informed a conversation. Opinions are not facts. The life of those from the African Diaspora is complex It is not black and white. On this blog I look at the news from an African Diasporic point of view. By African Diasporic, I mean looking at the news from the perspective of someone from the African Diaspora. After posting for 3 years, I have concluded that EVERYTHING affects those of the African Diaspora. But there will be times that I must highlight differences.


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