Print Ad Breakdown

This page is dedicated to breaking down the print ads that I see on my way to work. I do  not own a television so sometimes the only way I know what is on TV or in the theatres is when I see the ads on buses, taxi cabs, bus stops, subway stations etc. Now there will be ads that are not related to television or film. I thought to do this because, I reflect on times when I did own a television and saw a print ad and what I saw did not connect to show or movie  AT ALL.  So I will break them down and you can feel free to tell me what the show or movie is really about.  And remember this is my website and my opinion there is no right or wrong just what’s in my head.


Red Widow

photo (1)

First, love the lipstick, a great red is hard to find. I guess I should continue with that. Ok so based on the title she is a widow. The veil represent traditional mourning etiquette. The red lipstick veers from that tradition. It represents sexuality, femininity, and power. It was once thought that only whores wore red lipstick. Her eyes aren’t giving much away. She doesn’t look angry or deadly. She looks more resigned to me. Not sure what she has given into. Her baser instincts perhaps or as the tag line suggests perhaps she has resigned to the fact that she has “No Time to Mourn”. I can’t tell if she is the protagonist or the antagonist. The adjective red suggests she is the antagonist. As the color red has negative connotation in western society. I love this print ad. I am interested to see what the show is about.

Aldo Store on 5th Avenue

There are copious sayings about eating bananas: “Never eat a banana while looking into someone’s eyes” and “Never eat a banana at work” are just a couple. When I look inside the store all they have are shoes and some bags but no bananas. This ad perplexes me. As a matter of fact when shoes and banana meet that usually spells disaster. So here we have a young woman in sexy red dress, red lips holding a banana with a sort of surprise look on her face, while laying on a bed of bananas.  Yep that spells shoe sale to me. And to top it off the shoes she is wearing are nothing special. They certainly would not get me running to Aldo. You know what, if they are going to use sex to sell everything then just have her naked with a FABULOUS pair of shoes. I would appreciate that more than this ridiculous ad.


Well when the font is red and the size is about 100 it’s safe to say you want to highlight that word. I see two white males in suits. The one to the right wears his with more dignity. His tie is black, his hair is neatly styled. The look on his face is serious without being cruel. The one on the left is wearing a red tie that is blowing in the wind with the jacket of his suit. His hair is unkempt and he has a smirk on his face. At a closer look they look like twins. The text reads “Nothing’s ever black and white” hmm if they are twins their looks are in opposition. One looks like he values order and tradition; the other looks like order and traditions have little value. This show may be about dichotomy (good/bad, order/disorder, traditional/non-traditional, BLACK/WHITE). I am not sure if the show has twins in it or it is about a man’s struggle with himself. The word Suit is slang for  a businessman or any authority figure that wears a suit  but in its plural form it usual refers to government figures FBI, CIA  other three letter government agency. So it is about a man who works for the government but finds himself at odds with the old tradition of the agency and the movement toward making new traditions. Let me know. I think it would be cool it it had twins in it lol.

“You Know You Want It”

On days when the weather is nice for walking (anything above 40 degrees) I like to walk from work to the Path train. On one such day I walked Fifth Avenue. I tend to look up down and all around when I walk. As I walked on the west side of the street, I looked across to the east side and BAM! this ad. At first all I saw was his hand on her butt and I thought “what the hell” then I read the text “You know you want it” and I thought “WHAT THE HELL”. In case you can’t tell, this ad is HUGE. I stopped and stared and thought “what is it that I want?” Her ass? His hands? Her dress? His suit? So many questions. Maybe if I continue to read, I will get the answers. “Up to 44,500SF of Retail Box Space”. I can’t help but to notice the suggestive language that is used. “Box” short for (treasure box, juice box, jewel box) all being slang for vagina. Who would want 44,500sf of vagina?  Next “50ft of Fifth Avenue Frontage”. Once again a play on words connected with sex (full frontal). Yes “frontage” is a real estate term for  the amount of land that opens onto a road but with his hand on her butt telling me “you know you want it” there most certainly is a sexual agenda. Now I have heard that “sex sells” but even real estate on Fifth Avenue? One of the most famous Avenues in the world that kind of sells itself, right?

Necessary Roughness

Ok, now I recall vaguely the movie called Necessary Roughness actually the only thing I remember was that Sinbad  was in it and it had to do with football. Personally that’s more than enough for me. Ok so we have this attractive white women who looks really good in yellow ( I look good in yellow too just a sidebar). The dress is close fitting but not skin tight. The cut is conservative. Any clothing that does not show off your bosom IS conservative. A simple bracelet on her left hand, no wedding ring on the left hand. I will assume she is not married but may be trying someone on (ie boyfriend). She is holding a legal pad with chicken scratch on it. She is holding it closely like a lover. The pen is not positioned as if she just finished writing. I could argue it is a phallic symbol as it is out of her palm and the tip is pointed directly to her vagina. Her right arm is bent and cupping her head. This is a position similar to lying in bed. But she is not in bed. No our conservative lady in yellow is lying on grass with white paint on it which suggests some kind of field. To her right is text that reads “Jock therapy.” Ok let’s define the work “jock” then we will define the work “therapy” . Ok so I hit up Wikipedia for the definition: The term jock, when used primarily in the United States, refers to the classic stereotype of a male athlete.[1] It is generally attributed mostly to high school and college athletics participants who form a distinct youth subculture. In sociology, the jock is thought to be included within the socialite subculture, which also contains the preps and Ivy-Leaguers.[2]As a blanket term, jock can be considered synonymous with athlete[3]  Now based on this definition we should expect to see Male Athletes and more likely high school (doubt it), college (maybe) or the absent (pro).  Therapy (in Greek: θεραπεία), or treatment, is the attempted remediation of a health problem, usually following a diagnosis. In the medical field, it is synonymous with the word “treatment”. Among psychologists, the term may refer specifically to psychotherapy or “talk therapy”. Alright we are all set. So this lovely lady in yellow is either a Psychotherapist for Male Athletes or she IS the “treatment”. Based on the chicken scratch on the legal pad and the penis pen I would say BOTH. Notice she is laying right  by the white line her left elbow crosses the line. This could be an allusion to her kind of “therapy” does it cross the line? Or it could be a suggestion to her character she is not afraid to cross the line. Here she is an attractive woman who can write and she is in a male dominated field (literal and figurative field). What is her purpose? Ok if you watch the show tell me what it’s about.



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