Articles, Essays, Reports and Interviews Worth Reading

As I read research articles, I sometimes wish I can share them with others. Now I can! Feel feel to send me feedback.

Income Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States 2012

Postmodern Blackness Bell Hooks

The State of Friendship in America 2013 Report

The Managed Heart Commercialization of Human Felling

Arab Development Challenges 2011

The Arab Human Develpment 2002

Commonwealth Ministerial Working Group on the Post-2015 Development Framework for Education

Final Acts World Conference International Communication (Dubai, 2012)

Understanding Chinas Return to Africa and Its Implications for U.S. Policy

Constraints Impacting Minority Swimming Participation

The State of Teacher Evaluation Reform

Social Rewards Enhance Offline Improvements in Motor Skill


Vision 2030 Jamaica

Vision 2030 Jamaica NDP

African American Homeschooling as Racial Protectionism

New School Year Brings More Cuts in State Funding for Scools

A Call for Change The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcome of Black Males in Urban Schools

Rene Maran and the New Negro

A Fanonian Perspective on Double Consciousness

Aime Cesaire’s Notebook of a Return to A Native Land (Cahier d’un retour au pays natal)

Gabriel Marcel’s Being and Having (Etre et Avoir)

Cultural Perceptions of Africans in Diaspora and in Africa on Atlantic Slave Trade and Reparations

Border Crossings: Women, Race, and Othello in Gayl Jones’s Mosquito

Globalization and the Claims of Postcoloniality

Ghosts in the Disciplinary Machine: The Uncanny Life of World Literature

“Our America” That is Not One: Transnational Black Atlantic Disclosures in Nicolas Guillen and Langston Hughes

Between a Failure and a New Creation: (Re)reading Yusef Komunyakaa’s “The Beast & Burden” in the Light of Paul Gilroy’s Black Atlantic

Diaspora Crossings: Afro-Latin America in the Afro-Atlantic

Mercantile Exchanges, Mercantilist Enclosures: Racial Capitalism in the Black Mariner Narratives of Venture Smith and John Jea

Africa, Pan-Africanism, and the Global Caribbean in Maryse Condé’s The Story of the Cannibal Woman

The Black Atlantic in the Twenty-First Century: Artistic Passages, Circulations, Revisions

Diversity in the United States and Abroad: What Does It Mean When American Studies Is Transnational?

Bodily Differences?: Gender, Race, and Class in Hans Sloane’s Jamaican Medical Practice, 1687-1688

To Make an Old Century New

Afro-European Literature(s): A New Discursive Category?

Black Germans and Transnational Identification

The Problem with English Literature: Canonicity, Citizenship, and the Idea of Africa

The Folk as Alternative Modernity_ Claude McKay’s Banana Bottom and the Romance of Nature


The Uses of Diaspora

Narrative Reversals and Power Exchanges: Frederick Douglass and British Culture

Du Bois, Dark Princess, and the Afro-Asian International

Africans and Asians: Historiography and the Long View of Global Interaction

Home Rules: An Interview with Amiri Baraka

Toward the World Novel: Genre Shifts in Twenty-First-Century Expatriate Fiction

Rise of Residential Income Segregation 2012

Colonizing African Values PRA Report

African Diasporas: Toward a Global History

Toward a Caribbean Psychology An African-Centered Approach

A Beautiful Mind Black Male Intellectual Identity and Hip-Hop Culture

Booker T. and the New Green Collar Workforce An Earth-Based Reassessment of the Philosophy of Booker T. Washington

The Haiti Earthquake of 2010 The Politics of a Natural Disaster

black youth and psychological development

west indian history and society in the art of paule marshall novels

Albert Murray Literary Reconstruction of the Vernacular Community

Reading Mammy The Subject of Relation in Sherley Anne Williams’ Dessa Rose

Nigger Heaven and the Harlem Renaissance

Keepin’ it Real Walter Dean Myers and the Promise of African-American Children’s Literature

Domestic Workers Organize

Globalization and the Future of English

What the Dickens Intertextual Influence and the Inheritance of Virtue in Julia C. Collinss The Curse of Caste or The Slave Bride

The Black Church and the Harlem Renaissance

Recovering the Conjure Woman Texts and Contexts in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day

The Heartbeat of a West Indian Slave The History of Mary Prince

Speaking the Body’s Pain Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig

Historical Setting for Booker T. Washington and the Rhetoric of Compromise, 1895

Beyond Morrison and Walker Looking Good and Looking Forward in Contemporary Black Women’s Stories

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Folklore, Folkloristics, and African American Literary Criticism

migration and transmutation in the novels of mckay marshalland clarke

caribbean political dilemmas in north american and in the united kingdom

The Threads that Connect Us An Interview with Charles Johnson

The Meaning of Barack Obama


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